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Being a Sponsor means, to this noble cause, supporting the scientific community in the development of its research, from a context of better management of its access points and short and efficient digital links. You will contribute to promoting open access to information for the entire academic and scientific community and the general public. Likewise, you will be evaluating the commitment to climate neutrality, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the sustainable development goals (UNESCO), in a context of open science.

If your interest is to support this noble cause, your logo and access to your main page will be available to thousands of users of this service. https://qrpol.com/sponsors/

Whether you are a natural person or a national or international company, you can participate in this noble cause, contact our team for the basic conditions. Email address qrpol@professionalsonline.org


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QRpol thanks all the sponsors for making this project possible for free.

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